Lithuania is a southern country in Eastern Europe. The state has three main regions: Vilnius, Klaipeda and Sukhumvit. It has a big border with the Russian Federation along with an extended border with neighbouring Poland, though these are not as powerful as the border with the Russian Federation. Lithuanians who have been living abroad for years or even generations may find that they call for a Lithuanian visa in order to enter Russia.

There is an e.u. visa waiver for Lithuanians who wish to go to Russia. This is going to be much more valuable if you are planning a visit to Vilnius, Klaipeda or other towns in Lithuania. If your purpose is to obtain a work permit in Russia, it's strongly recommended that you apply for a Russian passport.

In order to qualify for the visa waiver you need to demonstrate that you have the intention of seeing Russia and you have plans to visit the Vilnius or Klaipeda areas of Lithuania. As travelling between these cities requires you to cross through the Vilnius international airport, this usually means that you will need a passport that is approved by the Lithuanian government. This is one of the easiest ways of getting a Russian passport accepted. The e.u. visa approved passport can be valid for up to 3 decades.

The e.u. visa waiver program process for those intending to operate in Russia is relatively simple. The application process involves filling in an application form that has to be submitted along with some supporting files including proof of income along with a recent passport photograph. These documents include a recent photograph of yourself, your date of birth, your address and contact number together with a signature certificate from which you can later confirm the particulars.

The vast majority of applicants that apply for a visa waiver to Russia do so as tourists. It is important to remember that all nations impose limitations on tourists who intend to stay more than a limited period in any specific nation. Thus it's very important to understand what constraints are set up in Russia and in Lithuania before submitting your visa. If you're thinking about working in Russia, then it's important that you receive a Russian work permit before leaving for a holiday in Lithuania.

Obtaining a Russian passport doesn't necessarily require a visa. For people who aren't planning on traveling to Russia but who are permitted to enter the Schengen Area, acquiring a Lithuanian Passport is sufficient. You may however need to have your entry visa renewed upon leaving Russia and then returning to complete your trip in Vilnius or Klaipeda. Individuals that have work or are in employment in Russia might discover it is not possible to return to Russia and therefore should get a new passport. In such cases they could utilize a Lithuanian visa waiver for people travelling to Vilnius or Klaipeda.